Ondu Motteya Kathe Television Premiere on Colors Kannada

There are only a handful of movies that can tug at your heart, make you laugh and bring out all the hidden emotions at the same time. Debutant actor and filmmaker Raj B Shetty has just accomplished that in his first venture- a sweet comic tale that looks into the life of a bald man. The movie instantly connects with the audience from the word “go” and you in no time feel for the characters. The settings and the people involved are splendidly realistic and this is one of the biggest aces of the movie.

The society as we see is still prone to stereotyping and this is exactly what the film handles deftly and without going over the limits. The story is about Janardhan, a Kannada lecturer who is also incidentally bald and the prejudices he faces at least at the surface level because of his looks. His predicament is multiplied when a family priest lets him know that he has to get married within a year. Else he would remain a bachelor throughout his life. The subject is handled sensitively mixing the right dose of fun into the story and at no point of time, you feel that the story is imbibed upon you. You simply connect with the protagonist instantly and live and laugh through his routine.

The visuals are stunning and it gets complimented further by a terrific background score. The film also delightfully pays little ounces of tribute to the yesteryear idol Dr. Rajkumar, and these cleverly added nuances take the film to a whole new level. The main protagonist of the movie is also the film’s director and for a debutant, he ensures that the film never goes over the top even when the situation warrants.

There are only a few films we across, that has the spirit resolutely in place. "Ondu Motteya Kathe" makes you feel light and is certainly one of those heart-tugging films that leave an impression. The movie is going to premiere on Colors Kannada on October 7th

Ondu Motteya Kathe movie stars Raj B Shetty, Prakash Tuminadu, Usha Bhandary Shailashree, and Shreya Anchan. The film is directed by Raj B Shetty.