Bollywood Actress Who Never Put On Weight

Body figure is a very important aspect in an actresses’ career since they are delved in the art of performing visually to the audience. Therefore, it is normal practice in the entertainment world to talk about the body shape of an actress. Many actresses have even mastered the art of maintaining their weight and such actresses include Katrina Kaif.

 Bollywood Actress

The bombshell beauty, Katrina Kaif is Indian British. She made her debut in the Bollywood scene through the movie “Boom”. Her workout regime involves yoga, swimming, cycling, jogging, and times in gym. She practices a healthy diet that incorporates fresh fruits, more water, less carbohydrates, and no fried food.

Another actress who have earned their spot on the list is Shilpa Shetty, the actress known for her work in lot of Telugu movies also. Like Katrina, Shilpa also practices yoga. Besides that, she do not shy away from cardio workout and strength training. She made sure that she only consumes 1800 calories in a day. For fuel, Shilpa relies on carbohydrates that is low in glycemic index such as brown carbs. However, she still allows herself one cheat day every week to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Priyanka Chopra, the former Miss World, definitely made a dent in our list. She always make sure that she eats a meal every two hours. This helps keep her metabolism and staying energized. Because of this, she does not put on weights easily, but she still sticks to a one-hour workout regime four time a week. And like Shilpa, she practices yoga, weekly indulgence, and regular water intake.

Bold and toned looks are some of the characteristics that Malaika Arora Khan is famous for. This mother of a cute boy maintained her looks by eating rich nutrient food in moderation. She avoid carbs at night but do not starve herself of the food that she likes. She made sure she rest properly and exercise regularly to stay healthy. 

And Last but certainly not least, is Kajol. Being a household name, she do not require an introduction. Kajol works out for two hours a day. Her workouts involves basic but high intensity weight lifting. Kajol do not smoke nor consume alcohol. She practices high quality protein diet from various sources.