Watch Scandall Tamil Movie Online | Scandall 2017 Tamil

Watch Scandall Tamil Movie 2017 online - A scandall is a 2017 Tamil movie based on a story of a death of a 9-year-old girl named 'Kuku'. The story revolves around a team of amateur filmmakers who set out to Nainital where the incident took place. They are here to explore paranormal activities in the place around Kuku's family.

 What starts as a filmmaking exploration turns into a sequence of spine-chilling events that bring shock and terror to the viewers. A scandall Tamil movie online is the best in the class thriller genre movie that takes you on a freak ride. The team uncovers the truth behind the incident and what really happened.

This 2017 Tamil movie online is a must watch for all mystery and thriller genre lovers. The story of sex, incest, and violence gives a glimpse of how dangerous the world can be. This movie has amazing characters with a story centered around a family and their struggle to come out of delusions.