Romantic Valentine's Day Date

And it is that time of the year once again! The time when you celebrate love and roam around in your own rhythm; the time when you rush to the bakeries to order cakes for your loved ones; the time when you order hundreds of red roses from the flower boutique down the street; the time when you go pick up that gorgeous red dress or the red tie that makes you look ultra-attractive; the time when you for months try and find out the best eatery where you can take your sweetheart for a romantic dinner!

Romance is once again in the air. Valentine’s Day Gifts and cards are all over stores, and the online world is buzzing with queries by nervous girlfriends and boyfriends trying to find the exact way to show their significant other how much they care about them. 

How are you planning to surprise your loved one this year? 

Is it just by sending surprise gifts and hampers or are you going the traditional way and writing him/her a letter? Maybe you could get away from the humdrums of daily life for a day or two and go on a short trip; or simply cook a delicious meal for the two of you at home instead.

So what are the Valentine’s Day Ideas you have in mind? 

Is it something extravagant or something small yet touching, that would bring a smile across her/his face? Is your girl a Hindi TV serial fanatic? Are you planning to take ideas from the serials and take her out on a perfect romantic candle light dinner? And after making sure that the ambience is right, and your beloved is in a blissful mood, are you planning to sit on your knees with a ring in your hand and profess your love, just like the actors do?

Be it a Valentine’s Day Special date to the restaurants, the malls, the theatres, or the parks, you will find great options to hang out with your loved one. Even schools and the colleges turn a blind eye to the corny couples in the corners. This is the only day when PDA is not frowned upon.

Well, no matter what you plan, we are all different in some way. So always create the perfect Valentine’s Day experience based on your lover’s preferences, and only then you are good to go!