Colors Naagin Now Going to Telecast as Naagini on Gemini TV

How well are you informed about Indian entertainment? Are you updated about the latest rumors in the Indian television network? If not, just relax. I have flexed muscles and dug deep into the Indian entertainment in an attempt to bring you the latest news.

 The popular and most watched TV series Naagin is now coming to Gemini TV; bigger and better than ever before. Revolving around characters by the name Icchadhari Nagin and Naagmani, It is a story filled with controversies, hatred and revenge.

Popularly known as naagin, Gemini TV of Telugu TV channels has chosen to call it 'Naagini'. Whether this move is meant to make it sound different from the previous edition on Colors TV or is meant to just make it sound better, one thing is for a fact; it has gotten all Indians pregnant with expectations especially those who didn’t get a chance to view it in Colors TV. Although the actual premiering date is not confirmed, Gemini has already started showcasing its promos. One can visit Gemini TV online and get a chance to watch naagini online as well as other programs.