Zee Tamil Started a New WhatsApp Contest

Zee Tamil is a prominent Indian based broadcasting channel and one of the best Tamil TV Channels. These channel is owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The enterprises provide TV services in different place of the world including South Asia, Middle East Africa, Australia, and Europe. The channels are broadcasted in Tamil language and many other more local languages.

The Whatsapp Contest show at Zee Tamil

Zee Tamil is one of the popular television channels in the Zee Entertainment Enterprises fraternity. In addition to its attractiveness, Zee Tamil TV has added a new striking and interesting TV show Known as 'Whatsapp Contest'. The TV show is among the shows which are meant to entertain their audiences.

All about the show

The Whatsapp Contest show is hosted by the Zee Tamil past trending heroines. The contest is made for their audiences where they are required to identify an imprecise face of a given celebrity and send their answer through Whatsapp.