Chakravyuha Television Premiere on Udaya TV

The movie Chakravyuha is on of the most anticipated movie of august this season being that it premiers exactly on the Indian Independence Day that is on this August the 15th 2016. The movie is directed by Sarvanan and features Puneeth Raj kumar, Rachita Ram and Arun Vijay in the lead roles. This movie is based on the Tamil film Ivan Vermathiri which is the work of the same director and presented by director N. Linguswamy which was released on the 13th December 2013 as the premier movie Charavyuaha. These are action packed block buster movies with amazing soundtracks, interesting quality and captivating storyline. The main character of the premier movie Chakrayvyuha, the power star Puneeth Paj kumar plays the role of an architect engineer who takes the law into his hands and revenged against a culprit for the murder of an innocent law student, Rachita Ram is his beautiful love interest. The movie is packed with great tunes composed by S. Thaman and the complete movie is produced by N.K Lohith brothers.

The movie produced by the same director in 2013 was received in India and worldwide as a great movie and was a great success. The critic Baradwaj Rangan described the movie as being nicely done, considering the great sound tracks and well conducted action scenes. So, it will be no surprise that the premier movie Chakrayvyuha which will be released on the independence day by the Kannada TV channels will by all means, be a great success and will draw both national and international attention equally.

The Kannada television channels are aimed at providing quality television and networking services, providing and broadcasting quality programmes, movies and news in India and around the globe in ultra high definition. The Kannada television is described as not being biased when it comes to the political news and analysis. So, you should anticipate the best in the upcoming movie, and as you celebrate the independence day, it will be complete by watching the premier movie.