New Serial Sarayoo on Udaya TV from August 29

Sarayoo, a new serial from Udaya TV will start its telecast on August 29. The serial which scheduled at 7 PM from Monday to Friday, is a love story shot in foreign locations including Malaysia and Thailand. Mahesh Bhagwn Sarang is the director of the serial, who directed Kaadambari which was an instant hit during its telecast in 2009-10.

It is widely expected to garner large number of viewers as it is shot in foreign locations and presence of ensemble cast and crew. Kannada serials are popular among the Kannada people around the world. There are always high viewership reported from abroad which is considered as a tool to measure the popularity. This popularity is due to live-life stories which are mostly family dramas or love stories which narrated in a simpler way, attracts family audience. Also the Kannada people are always enthused to maintain their roots with the language and they are proud to be part of it. The serial makers and Kannada TV channels are well aware of this fact and they focus on providing the quality content for their audience keeping their expectation in mind.

Though there are sizable number of viewers around the world, many people complain that they do not get the Kannada TV channels from the local cable operators of the residing country. Since the community is scattered in many locations, they can't demand Kannada channels collectively and effectively. Even other Indian TV channels are facing the same issue including popular Hindi channels.

The issue seems to be resolved soon considering the access of internet and especially with YuppTV service. YuppTV is an online TV channel which broadcasts TV channels including Udaya TV Live. YuppTV focuses on the quality of the content which is not allowed to lose while telecasting over internet and ensures that the viewers are getting a smooth watching experience. If you wish to watch Sarayoo live, browse YuppTV and subscribe the program to watch it seamlessly.